• AJ Freeman

Sticking Up Society: The Billionaire´s Way

how much is too much? about a billion USD.

No one should have a billion dollars. If you have it, you probably stole most of it.

We can dance around the economics of the matter until the drones come home, but just no.

Yeah, easy for me to say right? if I even get one comma in my bank account, it's a good day, lol @ me.

Still, I mean, one billion tho.

A thousand million anything.

A million seconds is less than 2 weeks.

A billion seconds is damn near 32 years.

After three full decades, I am barely a billion seconds old. Pulling in about 100 racks a year, you would have literally had to be working since the Stone Age to earn one billion dollars.

or you could just wait until the right b̶u̶s̶i̶n̶e̶s̶s̶ ̶o̶p̶p̶o̶r̶t̶u̶n̶i̶t̶y̶ global health crisis and make a killing.

Like, okay, some people are--indisputably--more valuable to humanity than others. oh, it’s true.

Some are smarter, some work harder, some manage relationships better, some know how to fix shit.

All of that is super important.

...but is what any one person does equivalent to the efforts of thousands of individuals with time on their hands?

I mean, some genius designed the first bulldozer, and they should have been rewarded for it--perhaps owing some IP royalties to the inventor of the gear--but enough functional human bodies built the pyramids.

luckily labor laws have (mostly) improved, but still.

So what that says to me is that nobody got a billion dollars by playing fair...at absolute best, you’re the kid who crawls up the Skee-Ball machine and dropped the balls directly into the 100 hole.

Sure, it’s savvy...but is it the root of a sustainable society?

If money is the power to make decisions, at that scale you can make decisions for an entire population.

Do we want that kid running our world?

when one guy can decide to ruin the night sky around the world with his pet profiteering project, something is askew.

Lookit, let’s run a thought experiment.

The Planet has a human population of 8 bil, give or take, right?

So if one person can be as valuable as a billion, then 8 should be able to keep things running, yeah?

Go ahead, pick an All-Sapes team....the best there is, the best there was, all that.

Aristotle, Einstein, Banneker, Salk, DaVinci, Tesla, Pythagoras...pick your favorites.

Even throw Historical Jesus--the man whose good ideas endured so long that we know exactly how many years it has been since he died--in the 8th slot.

no capitalist society is complete without Billionaire Jesus.

All dudes with more vision, breadth of knowledge, and raw mental horsepower than almost anyone living or dead. Put this handful of human beings on Earth right now with our current tools, take the rest of us off, and I bet both my typing fingers that they couldn’t even keep the lights on. They´d be dead before years´end.

No one, not one single soul to ever draw breath, is even one billion times as valuable as the next man.

No one should have a billion dollars...at least, that´s my theory.