• AJ Freeman

Line in the Sand

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

I have to be honest...my plans for 2020 did not include a visit to the Joseph R. Biden Welcome Center of Newark, Delaware.

believe me, I´m as surprised about this as anyone.

In the words of an esteemed contemporary philosopher, ¨I´m not even supposed to be here today.¨ ...but from my comfortable chair on Mexico´s Pacific Coast, I watched the entire clusterfuck unfold.

I´d definitely rather be doing this.

A quarter-million Americans dead from a pandemic left to rage unchecked in the nation´s vulnerable underclass, state-sanctioned violence enthusiastically endorsed in the highest halls of power, an economic crisis that consumed the jobs of both my parents and had their retirement savings for dessert. AT THE SAME DAMN TIME. These were more than facts and figures on the evening news, viral videos and incendiary digital media op-eds...these were tangible disasters with palpable effects in my personal life. It wasn't something I could stand by and be indifferent to. Don´t get me wrong...I didn´t step off that plane in Washington DC earlier this month with any delusions of saving America...not only is that outside my pay grade, as a member of a class of society that has been (at absolute best) thoroughly underserved since the country´s inception, it was never my responsibility.

my parents are ¨forcible racial integration of schools¨ years old.

I cannot stress enough that I wish I had the privilege not to give the first fuck about the fate of the US. The unfettered liberation that a person like Apple or Shell enjoys, the freedom to treat societal upheaval in entire corners of the world as mere market conditions.

When it comes down to it, the nation has simply not sold itself to me as a concept worth my allegiance...why should I--a person whose parents were not considered full citizens of the United States of America--die for the flag of the reconstituted British West India Company?

sorry, Betsy.

If I had been born in, say, Ecuador or Uzbekistan...I could have easily seen myself just leaving and never looking back. Einstein left Germany when things got weird, and he was a pretty sharp guy. No one told him ¨stay and fight.¨

Still, the fact is that if this domino falls to fascism--something that very well still could happen as of November 12, 2020--there are probably a lot behind it. I´ve lost a lot of sleep this year over it.

Without a trace of clickbait hyperbole civilization itself could be in danger...the US continuing to act a fool in the depths of multiple global crises WILL trigger war. Big War. The kind that We the Species have only seen twice, and will not see a fourth time.

Make no mistake: what we are dealing with at this time is a solipsistic fascist at the head of the world´s most powerful nuclear-armed state, fully equipped with a domestic terrorist death cult.

dialogue is no longer an option.

The odds are against this--at least, through the normz n decorum which our gullible forefathers decided were stable enough to define our system--but the fact remains that if guy manages to hold his office, the people will never get it back. There may never be another free election in the United States...hell, one could argue that there was ample fuckery in the one still being contested.

if tampering with the mail is a federal offense, what does tampering with the mail SYSTEM get you?

I´m prohibited from political protests in my gracious host country--at least until I can attain some form of citizenship--but as someone born within the borders of the United States, in this moment, at this time, there´s a very tiny little something I can do about it...so I will.

I guess.

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