• AJ Freeman

Democracy Demo: 11/12-11/19

politics do not end at the ballot box.

They say that politics is warfare by other means, and so democracy in action can be a volatile thing.

The voice of The People is not always harmonious.

It is important that we know and understand the situation we face as a society, and for that reason last weekend´s so-called ¨Million MAGA March¨ (aka ¨Stop the Steal¨ and other very creative, super original names) merits mention in this space. Yes, the numbers were a bit of a stretch--they always are when we´re talking about America, The Guy--but the message this sends is the same message that 7 November´s Nationwide People´s Parade was intended to deliver to whom it may concern. We are still here. We are still motivated. We have not lost.

be sure to reach out with civility and understanding.

Of course, they absolutely did fucking lose, there is a compendium of definitive proof showing this result.

The problem is they do not believe they have lost...and for this reason right-wing news outlets carry a sizable chunk of the blame for our atmosphere of discontent, palpable and powerful. For nearly two weeks now, these segments of the public press have been pumping a steady stream of disinformation directly into the minds and hearts of a demographic scorned, giving the credence of airtime to the demonstrably false idea that the bygone election was in some way compromised against the incumbent.

when Fox News starts making too much sense, trust the One America Network Network.

Remove the names and party affiliations from the equation...that conduct in and of itself is openly poisonous to the concept of a civil society.

If you were trying to orchestrate chaos in a nation as a hostile actor, you couldn´t do much better than sowing seeds of mistrust in the entire government during a pandemic and economic crisis. YOU don´t have to think it´s credible. It´s not for you. You´re smart. You´re reading this. (thanks btw.)

Still, in the grand scheme of things, most of us weigh the same on a one-for-one basis..and so, the only requirement for this behavior to become dangerous is that SOMEONE does.

70 million someones, give or take a small city.

the program is still drawing rave reviews.

From this, the decolonized mind can at least take solace in the fact that coalition building still works...we are certainly divided as a nation, but within those divisions are bonds strengthened by the urgency of the moment.

My faith in righteous mobilization was fully stoked when I met Anna of Socialist Alternative Philadelphia at the march two Saturdays back.

there is nothing ¨normal¨ about a return to neoliberalism.

SA has a thriving presence in town, and along with performing the glorious, laborious task of demystifying socialism to the general public through their outreach programs--lot of deprogramming to do--they also help engineer the direct action that will be required to recalibrate the balance of power between capital and society.

I look forward to being a contributing member of Socialist Alternative during my time in the city...thanks for doing what you do guys, you are truly essential. You can bet you´ll be reading more about that in the coming weeks.

An invigorating display of their influence in the area was in promoting and facilitating the 800-nurse strike that ground operations at a local hospital to a halt in a stark reminder of labor´s true power.

we call them heroes then deny them their due dignity.

Citing staffing shortfalls that put patients in danger and the undervaluing of expertise endemic to the capitalist system, these dedicated workers took to the picket lines this Tuesday to give decision makers at the for-rpofit institution and others insulated from the everyday realities of modern labor a glimpse into a world where workers demand their fair share of society. Whether we´re talking about nurses, mailmen, truck drivers, or Wal-Mart cashiers, if the individuals currently holding our fragile modern society collectively decide they have had enough, we are gonna have a bad time.

Would widespread strikes in key industries at a time like this be inconvenient?

Sure...but inconvenience is sometimes the price of freedom.