• AJ Freeman

Cui Bono?

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

The title of this post comes from an enduring Latin inquiry: who shall gain from this?

Yes, asking in this way more demonstrates that I watched ¨The Departed¨ than that I paid attention in 9th grade language class, but in any event the question remains: who stands to benefit from The Shooting Star Press?

What´s the angle here? Who is paying for all this?

Well, I´ll be entirely upfront on this: it ain´t George Soros. I am the proverbial ¨man in the street.¨ Nothing more, but certainly nothing less. The way I see things, mandate matters...the people you have behind you can legitimize your pursuit. As someone calling himself a citizen journalist, I believe that history needs witnesses...and that those witnesses should represent the people most interested in its unfolding. In my view, the resources someone is provided to do this often reflects the necessity of its doing.

If you believe I should be doing this, I should...if not, I should not.

In either case, The People will decide.

...and so, to answer the question of who benefits from tSSP...I sincerely hope it´s you.

with love and solidarity,


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